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Quarterly Charity Spotlight - City Kids Adventures

This is the first of what will be a quarterly charity outreach program here at Inside410 whereby we select a local charity or group that serves a much-needed target area of the San Antonio community and we spotlight them for that quarter...We feel giving back to the community that gives so much is both a blessing and a responsibility we cheerfully engage...

The website can be reached at City Kids Adventures and they are a 501c3 organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

"Our mission is to change the life of a child, one child, at a time through meaningful outdoor recreational opportunities, education, and service projects."

This first group is City Kids Adventures. They are doing wonderful things in the local area by exposing kids to adventures and experiences they potentially would never have which builds character, confidence and so much more...Here is a snapshot of what City Kids Adventures does for our hometown community:

  • Provide non-traditional outdoor recreational opportunities for inner-city youth

  • Introduce inner-city youth to a wide range of outdoor recreational activities including archery, camping, canoeing, freshwater, saltwater and offshore fishing, hiking, kayaking, open-water swimming, horseback riding and hunting

  • Develop environmentally cognizant inner-city youth who are motivated to make a difference in the world in which we live

  • Develop moral and ethical young men and women who have the intrinsic desire to become productive members of our society.

  • Increase the number of inner-city youth involved in non-traditional outdoor recreational activities

  • Promote a life-long work ethic by demonstrating our motto: “Hard Work Had Many Rewards!”

  • Create awareness of different career options and stress the importance of pursuing higher education and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Encourage parental involvement in outdoor recreational activities

  • Expose our youth to the world beyond their communities by organizing outdoor adventures across the country, coupled with college tours and exposure to a wide variety of career opportunities

Their History reads as follows:

"City Kids Adventures formerly known as Camp Hawkeye, got its start in San Antonio in 1995 as an inner-city middle school project designed to increase participation in school athletics. Camping trips were used as an incentive to encourage students to avoid nonproductive behavior so that they could participate in school and athletics and also enjoy outdoor adventures.

Since 1995, City Kids Adventures has continued to grow and diversify. We introduced a youth hunting program in 1999 and a summer traveling program in 2000. Our summer travels have included trips from Alaska to Key West, and from New York City to Los Angeles. We’ve visited locations from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls. Our campus visits have included the University of North Carolina, Duke, Yale, Harvard, UT and more.

Our program seeks to educate, mentor, support, and stay actively engaged with inner-city youth who otherwise will not have the opportunity to participate in meaningful non-traditional outdoor activities, while developing moral and ethical young people along the way.

Today, through partnerships with generous individuals, corporations and foundations, we are able to meet our mission. Our partners include the San Antonio Area Foundation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF), and TPWF’s Stewards of the Wild young professional organization.

We’re proud that our program has touched the lives of hundreds of children since 1995. Many past participants stay in touch, and we’re overjoyed at the fulfilling lives and families that many of our past participants now enjoy. Many of our City Kids have gone on to college, have served in the military, are police officers, have successful careers, and many now have their own families with whom they are sharing their love of the outdoors. We are blessed!"

Your donations make the world for these kids come to life and we personally support this group and ask that you do as well!

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