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Gina Candelario is a native of San Antonio whose love of beautiful homes began when she first discovered her hidden passion for architecture, from vintage Classic to stark Contemporary. With her keen eye for detail, Gina was able to turn her passion for refined properties into a successful career as one of Kuper Sotheby's International Realty's top agents citywide. At an average of 65 or more closings annually, Gina has rightly earned her title of "Real Estate Agent of the Choice." Gina leads a team of real estate professionals that collectively work to extraordinarily represent you as you sell or buy your home.

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Michael T. Berger, an Associate Broker, has joined forces with his wife, Gina, as they offer the perfect combination of proven business acumen with discriminating taste. As a homeowner and investor, Michael understands how overwhelming the process of buying and selling real property can be. Michael is your concierge from writing a contract all the way to closing table to ensure that you are well-informed and secure through the entire process.




Paulette Berger was born and raised in the eclectic city of San Antonio. Her favorite attribute of the city is the magnetism of living in a large metroplex that still holds a small-town feel among the residents. Paulette is a licensed Realtor that has partnered with Gina to utilize her relationships from her lifelong San Antonio residency to find the perfect home for you. This dynamic partnership brings many years of experience in the area of selling, buying, and expert negotiations.

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Lydia English has lived and worked in San Antonio her entire life and has a tremendous love for San Antonio's heritage. Lydia's career is built on years of customer service, administration & marketing experience. When selling your home, Lydia will prepare it to go on the market & advertise your home. When buying your home, Lydia will be the behind-the-scenes support to help Gina find the perfect home for you. As part of Gina's team, Lydia brings all of the finishing touches together as you sell or buy a home.

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