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History Engaged: Monticello Park

We just love UrbanLiving Inside410 and as you know, we periodically take a look at Historic Districts inside Loop410. This week we are taking a look at a fantastic historic area Inside410 of the San Antonio Office Of Historic Preservation we know and love called Monticello Park.

The San Antonio Office Of Historic Preservation describes the district as follows:

"During the late 1920s, a group of developers that included Leo S. Karren, H. C. Thormann, who also developed Olmos Park, and C. M. Furr, transformed a dairy farm owned by George Calvert into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Antonio. The Monticello Park Historic District is composed of an eclectic mix of architectural styles, ranging from Art Moderne to Spanish Eclectic and Tudor Revival. One of the most well-known architects to live and design buildings within the historic district was N. Strauss Nayfach. He designed about 40 of the homes in the neighborhood, in addition to prominent San Antonio and Texas buildings, such as the downtown Alameda Theater and one of the buildings at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Architecture.

The latest phase of the Monticello Park Historic District, including the 1900 and 2000 blocks from W. Gramercy to the north side of W. Woodlawn, was recently approved by City Council on May 6th, 2010.

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