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G&M Approved #9 - Amazing Grace Doves

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Let's welcome Amazing Grace Doves to the exclusive ranks of G&M Approved as we believe they represent one of the best of the best in San Antonio.

"We create a memorable white dove release presentation for weddings, memorials, funerals, birthdays and all special life events.

Our white doves will bring comfort to the grieving and yet added joy to a multitude of celebrations.

They add that little something extra, whether the occasion is a celebration or a somber one.

The pure white doves are healthy, gentle, well-trained rock doves that will return to their home after circling the event a few times."

The Nutshell:


cell phone 210-790-5673

Office phone 210-222-9450


Who, What, How???

For thousands of years, white doves have been a beautiful symbol of peace, love, hope, purity, new beginnings, and the Holy Spirit. When a single white dove is released at a funeral it symbolizes the releasing of the spirit of the loved one to start their journey home to heaven. The dove release ceremony often helps those who are mourning the loss of a loved one through the grieving process.

We will strive to make the release a special moment for everyone attending the service as they watch the angel doves ascend into the heavens. May this experience bring comfort and peace.

Visit their page for pricing for any event you want to make special...

However, don't take our word alone...Look at their review on sites like Bark and Yelp such as these:

"Absolutely amazing!! Was unable to attend the funeral ordered the 4 doves. Friends and the family said it was a beautiful ceremony. Victor was very thoughtful remembered everything I told him about our beloved and said some nice things, he presented the family with a beautiful sympathy card with a dove feather inside. Would absolutely recommend for any occasion!!" - Susan F.


"Amazing people! They give the best service ! I would recommend them for any wedding or funeral.No one can do a Dove Release like Victor and his son.God bless you for all that you do." - Jason C.

We are excited to announce that Amazing Grace Doves is G&M Approved and we look forward to years of their continued success.

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