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G&M Approved #12 - The Junction Antiques

Let's welcome The Junction Antiques to the exclusive ranks of G&M Approved as we believe they represent one of the best of the best in San Antonio. The Junction Antiques is #12 in this series and is a great addition to what we believe to be an incredibly charming shop with something for everyone.

The Junction Antiquest is a cozy antique shop with a number of different vendors so there is a variety of items for a range of personalities. We find the location in Beacon Hill excellent as the area is peppered with other shops, and dining and is an incredibly easy area to stroll and enjoy an afternoon.

The Nutshell:

P: (210) 273-3439

1704 Blanco Rd. San Antonio, TX 78212


Friday 10AM–5PM

Saturday 10AM–5PM

Sunday 12–4PM

Monday 12–5PM

Tuesday 12–5PM

Wednesday 12–5PM

Thursday 12–5PM

Brunch Sunday 10am to 2:30pm

However, don't take our word alone...Look at their review on sites like Bark and Yelp such as these:

"Great antique shop! You will find so many unique items and cool treasures! The store owner is so friendly and knowledgeable about all the items. The store is very big so there is a large selection. I definitely recommend taking time to visit this shop when you are in the area. If you are looking for something unique you will find it here." - Melyssa W.


"This place is so cool and they have a ton of stuff! reminds me a lot of the vintage/antique stores in Austin which I go up to Austin occasionally just to go to those antique stores so to find one here in town is awesome! the ladies here were very friendly and prices are pretty reasonable!" - Jessica J.


"If you like having a variety to look through, The Junction is a must. It has multiple booths with vendors with differing styles kind of like the Craftiques stores do. Everything from vintage clothing and vinyl to larger pieces of furniture and art can be found here! If you're not sure of your style you can find examples of industrial, mid-century, kitsch, etc to draw inspiration from. Prices vary between vendors and they sometimes have sales on their booths. Definitely take your time and keep your eyes open to all the goodies!" - Laura D.

We are excited to announce that The Junction Antiques is G&M Approved and we look forward to years of their continued success.

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