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  • Michael T. Berger, MBA

G&M Approved - SAWS Leak Detection Rebate Program

As each of you know, we love the lifestyle of #Inside410 - We know there is life outside the loop! For the past six years, Gina has served on the San Antonio Water System Community Conservation Committee and is proud of the work she has done and the values this group shares when it comes to respecting our local water supply. Since terms are limited to three, two-year appointments, Gina has been "term-limited" out. Fortunately, Michael Berger has recently been appointed and the family tradition of community involvement and environmental awareness will continue.

We selected this to be the G&M Approved organization because of the fact that SAWS is currently providing a tremendous opportunity for local homeowners to help put a stop to water wasting with a huge financial rebate on an approved leak detection device called the Flume. For a limited time, and for limited quantities, SAWS is offering a nearly complete rebate to customers who order the Flume unit and you end up basically being out of pocket for shipping only.

This device is not only designed to help homeowners detect leaks, it provides important data regarding water usage and all this great data is available on your mobile device at your fingertips anytime.

Read more at the dedicated SAWS page here:

We hope you will consider adding water conservation techniques to your radar for the coming year and encourage you to become water wise!

Should you have any real estate needs, don't forget to contact Gina at 210.744.8265 as we are happy to help any of you and thank you sincerely for being such great water conservationist!

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