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  • Michael T. Berger, MBA

Inside Out! Texas Lakes...

Every now and then we look outside the San Antonio area for fun and exciting things to take in as there is more to Texas than just San Antonio - At least that is what I've heard...

5 Great Texas Lakes To Spend A Weekend!

From water sports to world-class fishing, camping to bird-watching, lakes across Texas offer fun and relaxation for all. Here are some of the best lakes across the state for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Lady Bird Lake

This is a popular lake for kayaking, canoeing, rowing, and paddle boarding and no motorized watercraft are allowed on the lake, keeping it peaceful and serene.

Eagle Mountain Lake

Just north of Fort Work, Eagle Mountain Lake has a history of being a boater's lake. Spread out across almost 9,000 acres, this lake is great for crusing around or anchoring down for some R&R.

Lake Texoma

Located on Texas-Oklahoma border, Lake Texoma is one of the largest water reservoirs in the U.S. With a surface area of almost 75,000 acres, this lake is paradise for water sports enthusiasts who need room to get wild.

Possum Kingdom Lake

Known as "PK" to locals, you're more than likely to find a party on this lake, especially in the summer. The lake is known for Hell's Gate - two towering cliffs that stand as "gates" to the entry of a cove.

Inks Lake

About an hour northwest of Austin lies Inks Lake, a reservoir on the Colorado River with rock outcroppings, wildlife, and plenty of foliage. The lake is a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes it perfect for camping.

Inks Lake

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