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  • Michael T. Berger, MBA

Secrets To Selling Your Home For More Money In San Antonio

If you're selling your home in San Antonio, it is a natural desire to sell it quickly and for top dollar. The housing market throughout Texas remains hot with demand outpacing the supply of homes for interested buyers, especially in San Antonio. However, houses are picked up by buyers on the basis of what they are getting and not based on the sentiments of the sellers alone. You need to make your house attractive and different from other houses available in the market to fetch the top price. Here are some secrets to selling your home for more in San Antonio.

Set The Price Right

If you are desirous of getting more for your house, the same is true for buyers looking for houses...Everyone is in search for bargain deals and you cannot hope to attract large numbers of buyers to your property unless you have set the asking price right. Do not test the market by setting asking prices higher than the fair market value. You will only scare the price-conscious home buyers. You can expect several offers from buyers when the asking price is attractive to them. You can even see the bidding war between interested buyers to eventually fetch a price higher than the asking price.

Undertake Upgrades As Recommended By Your Agent

All real estate agents understand the sentiments of the buyers. They know what prospective buyers are looking for in terms of features. Do not fret if your agent suggests carrying out minor upgrades to the property such as paint and landscaping. Your agent should be respectable to your circumstances while ensuring that your investments return the greatest opportunity both financially and with respect to time on the market.

Make Your House Look Unique And Attractive

If your house looks just like other homes in your neighborhood, you cannot expect to get a higher price for it. This is because buyers are aware of the prices of similar properties recently sold in your area and price comparison is inevitable. But you can always demand more if you have carried out home improvement projects that add to the beauty and value of your property. Most buyers are interested in energy efficiency, modern style and extra storage spaces in homes.

Create The Best First Impression

First impression is always the lasting impression they say and this applies to real estate as much as meeting a person for the first time. A vast majority of buyers have made up their minds on buying a property even before stepping inside the house. Improve the curb appeal of your property to make the buyer feel good when they arrive on showings with fresh landscaping, sharp edging and plenty of mulch.

For more ideas and a price analysis on your property, simply give Gina Candelario a call at 210.744.8265 or Michael Berger at 210.828.4000.

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