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  • Michael T. Berger, MBA

Why Choose A Realtor Who Specializes?

What can specialized agents offer you? Cookie Boyd, ABR, E-PRO became an agent with John Naples REALTORS in Naples, Fla after he overheard a clubhouse conversation. He overheard a man with meager golfing ability complaining of the golf course near his home. It was too difficult for his skill level. The man was a golf enthusiast but he was getting frustrated by the difficulty to net holes. It's absurd for anyone who isn't a golf lover but it's a difficulty for passionate golfers. Now John R. Wood specializes in finding buyers homes on golf courses that match their skill level. “Do you want to live on a golf course where you are always frustrated” is the question he asks. Obviously not. “If you hate the golf course, you are a prisoner” he concludes. Hence, he will observe clients playing golf before showing them homes to determine their golf playing ability. Cookie Boyd's story was highlighted in a RealtorMag article.

Yes, you know it's important to choose a good REALTOR. Information from many sources tell you the following are yardstick for determining how valuable your REALTOR is:

1. A Licensed Agent Working Full Time: A full time agent is not just available when it’s convenient. They are loaded with the knowledge and experience to resolve problems that crop up during negotiations and inspections because he had probably gone through them before. (check article "5 reasons your REALTOR should sell over 50 houses a year or you may be getting cheated" ). A licensed full time agent will still be able to offer solutions to problems that crop up after the purchase.

2. Experienced Agent: As a First-Time Homebuyer or after having purchased and sold a number of properties, you need an agent with contacts. Someone who has built a good relationship with lenders and knows the right questions to ask.

3. Tech-Savvy: Most home transactions today begin on the internet. So, it’s important that your agent is tech-savvy. This is highly essential when you’re selling a home.

4. Trust: Select a REALTOR that understands you, respects you and one with whom you feel comfortable. Trust is the foundation for successful real estate transactions.

It doesn't stop there. Currently there is another important criteria which buyers and sellers now see as important: Specialization. A 2008 survey of buyers and sellers by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS reveal that 80 percent of buyers would prefer to work with a real estate practitioner who’s focused on a particular type of property. "While specialization has always been important, industry leaders say it has taken on an even greater importance in recent years - and it's not just because of the challenging economy." Here are some reasons why you will find a specialized agent more valuable:

1. They Are Mostly Certified: When you come across terms like

ABR after an agent’s name, it means the agent has taken extra classes in a certain category of real estate and can better serve clients in that area. Even generalists get additional training in some areas. Why would real estate be an exception? Here’s what some of the alphabet terms mean:

CRS – Certified Residential Specialist: Completed additional training in handling residential real estate.

ABR - Accredited Buyer’s Representative: Completed extra training in representing real estate buyers.

SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist: Is equipped to help buyers and sellers in the 50-plus age range.

GRI - Graduate Realtor Institute: A comprehensive 90 Hour continuing education program to further develop a REALTORS professional knowledge.

CNE - Certified Negotiations Expert: Complete additional training in negotiating contracts and situations to best protect their clients needs.

CLHMS - Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist: This designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that real estate professionals have the knowledge, experience, and unique skills to meet their needs.

2. Specialized realtors are passionate about the homes they sell or buy: Take for example Gina Candelario, a lover of vintage and historic homes situated Inside410. Each time she shows a client a home, she is delighted, because UrbanLiving is her passion.

3. They have updated knowledge about their area of specialization: Specialized realtors will be able to offer real time information about their area of specialization. Since they have worked with so many properties of the same kind as yours, they will be able to offer help when problems arise.

Specialized doctors will offer a better service. In much the same way, a specialized realtor will give you more value for your money.

Call us today to schedule a consultation - Gina can be reached at 210.744.8265 and Michael can be reached at 210.828.4000.

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