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Top Things To Do To Winterize Your Home

With winter just around the corner it is of great importance that you prepare your San Antonio home for the cold months so you can remain warm and cozy all through winter and of course, save yourself some extra cash! And guess what? You don’t need to wait until its winter before getting started when you can just start winterizing your home now and then be at peace when winter finally rolls in! Are you in a fix as to how to get started? No worries! Continue reading to discover the necessary steps involved in the winterizing process.

Get Rid Of Dead Tree Limbs

Here is an important chore you shouldn’t overlook while winterizing your home. Dead trees with overhanging branches that are liable to fall anytime soon puts your roofs, gutters, porch railings, cars and even passersby at risk of being hurt. Failing to clear these dead branches affects your property and unlucky passersby; this constitutes a nuisance and also adds to your list of expenses. Therefore, eliminating dead trees and their branches completely is the most sensible thing to do in order to avoid any unpleasant eventualities and to reduce the number of bills you’d have to settle.

Clean Your Gutter System

If you live in a neighborhood that has an abundance of trees then your gutters would likely be littered with dried leaves and that is why it is essential you clear out your gutters so they don’t get clogged up with water, debris and leaves. Using a trowel, your hand or any other clearing equipment available, clean out dead leaves and debris from your gutters in order to ensure they don’t get blocked with dirt when winter comes. Gutter cleaning should be done on a regular basis even when you aren’t winterizing your home; it is quite needful as it helps prevent your drainage system from getting clogged up. More so, it also maintains proper cleanliness of your immediate surroundings.

Block Leaks

One of the most important things you must do to winterize your home is blocking all leaks in and outside your home. You’ll be surprised by the number of leaks around your house when you give it a complete check; areas you should be on the lookout for are common drafty areas such as under and above your window and door frames, electrical outlets, the roof, chimney, and any other openings in your home’s exterior. After discovering those leaks then get thick fabrics or apply tacky rope caulk to all the drafty areas in order to save up on energy and also give yourself and family members a warm and cozy winter while indoors.

Tidy Up Your Chimney

Amongst the parts of your home you’ll be cleaning, your chimney is just as important. Clear out all the dirt, debris and whatever might have gotten deposited there. If you don’t find the idea of getting up into the chimney appealing you can as well pay for the service of a chimney sweep to help you do the dirty job. With your chimney all tidied up you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing while napping at the fireplace during winter. So, get your cleaning equipment on the ready and set to work on that chimney. One more thing you shouldn’t forget to do in order to keep out cold air if you happen to own a furnace is ensuring that your chimney damper is always shut closed when the furnace isn’t working. You can also invest in a protective covering for your chimney with a screen to keep out flying creatures and other foreign objects.

Make Use Of Thick Heavy Blinds And Curtains On Your Windows

Insulating your windows is a great idea while trying to winterize your home but it would cost you a lot so a better fix that would also provide your home with enough warmth is adding a heavy curtain or blind to your windows. This works in helping you retain warm air, allowing you quick access to your windows and sure enough, helps you save money. All you need to do is shop for heavy blinds and if you happen to have them already, you are good to go.

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