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  • Michael T. Berger, MBA

10 Tips To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

The exterior part of a home creates a first impression on the mind of passersby including potential buyers! That's not all, it adds shades of awesomeness to your home by enhancing it's curb appeal! Asides from the fact that it places your house on a high scale in real estate, it also makes you as the home owner proud of your home.

So, if you are planning to put up your home on the real estate market anytime soon, you wouldn't go wrong to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Doing this will captivate the attention of potential buyers and also get you a good price for it.

To add some spice and lots of appeal to your home's the exterior, check out these tips guaranteed to boost your home's curb appeal right on the spot!

Paint Your Front Door

Cracked and peeling door frames reduces the appeal of a home while a brightly colored door adds a splash of color to your home and makes it look appealing and inviting, you could also add splashes of color on any peeling or faded paint on your house to get rid of that worn out look.

Restore Old Hardware

Replace worn out house numbers with big and bold house numbers, swap your ancient wall mounted mailbox for a new gleaming one or just get it painted. Install a stylish door knocker to make your home look modern rather than old fashioned.

Tile Your Doorstep

One little detail you shouldn't ignore completely while revamping your house is your doorstep. Do away with the old fashioned quirky door mat and give it a complete makeover. Create a permanent welcome mat by tiling or painting a design that contrasts with the porch floor. Now you don't have to worry about replacing the mat when it gets tattered, and you can also impress your visitors with your creativity.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Light up your porch and walking path with low voltage landscape lighting to enhance your home's appeal and also enhance safety and security. A quick and faster alternative to installing outdoor lighting is the use of solar lights to brighten to your porch, walking paths and even your garden! Making them look more homey and yes, so inviting!

Spruce Up Your Yard

Concentrate on your front yard by sprucing up your lawn, clearing out weeds or dead plants. If you have a flower garden not in use you can restore life back to it by adding store-bought container garden filled with your favorite plants and flowers to make your home portray the beauty of nature.

Add Outdoor Art

Art is beautiful, art is life! Bring out art pieces that reflects your personal taste and also echoes your home's style and structure. Art pieces add more elegance and curb appeal to your exterior. Suitable outdoor arts you can display to the public eye on your exterior are metal cuts, sculptures and wind chimes. You can also install a water fountain to make your home look more like a cool haven during hot days.

Dress Up The Driveway

If your driveway is dotted with weeds and it's cracked or stained, a complete retouch or repair of it could make it look grand. Simply get rid of the plants and repair the cracks and stains then you can touch it up with stones, bricks or flagstones to enhance its appeal.

Add New Porch Furniture

Having furnitures on your porch are capable of beautifying and adding elegance to your exterior, not just any furniture but those that are solely based on relaxation and suitable for filling out your front porch. If your front porch is the type that is clearly seen from the street then you should install porch furniture like a pair of matching rocking chairs and a cozy glider to create a homey aura.

Add Decorative Fences

Garden gates and decorative fence panels beautifies and adds more appeal to the exterior part of the house. Likewise erecting a low fence around your home makes it look sheltered and tucked away from the busy life out there. It also makes your front yard look large, makes your house more elegant and also enhances the beauty of your garden!

If you want to put up your house for sale, you'll win lots of points when you have the 'white picket fence type' and that's because it appeals greatly to people.

Add A Porch Swing

And that settles the record breaking deal for your fabulous home! Nothing looks more appealing than the pair of swings just hanging in the shade, promising some peace and quiet.

All these tips and techniques are bound to transform your home completely making it look modern, appealing and inviting, it also emphasizes and displays the true image of a home and this is what sells faster in real estate.

Call us to schedule an appointment about selling your home when the time is right! We can be reached at 210.828.4000

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