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New Places To Try In Town...

With amazing spaces and delicious food and drink options, add these spots to your list for your next adventure out.


123 N. St. Marys St.

From brunch plates to appetizers and dinner entrees, Domingo's menus offer the flavors of South Texas, celebrating the culture of San Antonio with modern culinary flair. Their open-air restaurant on the Historic San Antonio River Walk has a natural ambiance where curated contemporary art intersects with a historical setting.


812 S. Alamo St., Suite 103

Like clouds, their menu travels from place to place offering a tour in Mexican gastronomy. If the state has a border with the ocean, they start the trek on the coast and work inland, bringing dishes specifically from that region or state. After each season, the clouds travel to the other lands and they begin again.

North Italia

5822 Worth Pkwy, Suite 108

At North, they set the standard for crave-worthy by serving delicious handmade food daily. Their chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create Italian dishes that consistently satisfy.


111 Lexington Ave.

Landrace honors the pastoral beauty of foods that can be traced back to the land where they were naturally shepherded over time, with seasonal menus that celebrate regional Texas ingredients and heritage growers close to home.

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