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G&M Approved #6 - Best Quality Daughter

Updated: May 28, 2021

Let's welcome Best Quality Daughter to the exclusive ranks of G&M Approved as we believe they represent the best of the best Inside410. Located in The Historic Pearl area of San Antonio in November of 2020, Best Quality Daughter is the perfect destination any day of the week.

The Nutshell:

602 Avenue A

San Antonio, TX 78215


Sunday 11AM - 4PM

Monday thru Thursday 11AM - 3PM and 5PM - 9PM

Friday thru Saturday 11AM - 3PM and 5PM - 10PM

All About...Quealy Watson and Jennifer Dobbertin met in the kitchen of The Monterey, one of San Antonio’s most eclectic restaurants, and developed a culinary partnership that continues to this day. They collaborated on the Asian fusion concept that would become Hot Joy, refining the menu through pop-ups before opening a full-service restaurant in 2013. By 2014, Bon Appetit had named Hot Joy one of the top ten new restaurants in the nation.

Dobbertin and Watson left Hot Joy in 2016 to open a fast-casual ramen concept (the first in San Antonio) called Tenko Ramen, located at the Bottling Department Food Hall at the Historic Pearl.

In 2018, Dobbertin, wanting to address the sparsity of Asian-American female chefs in South Texas, developed a new concept through a series of pop-up dinners called Best Quality Daughter with fellow chef Anne Ng and artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk. As the pop-ups evolved into plans for a brick and mortar, Watson backed her in the test kitchen and menu development. Best Quality Daughter is now open inside the historic Mueller House, at The Pearl Brewery.

However, don't take our word alone...Look at their review on sites like Google Reviews and Yelp such as these:

"Absolutely stunning decor and atmosphere. The wait staff was conversational, prepared, and professional. We ordered the Crab Boudin Egg Rolls, Curry Friend Rice, Taiwanese Popcorn Fried Chicken, and a couple of the handmade lemonades; all were exceptional and besides the spring rolls, gluten-free. Get out here and support this establishment!" - Dave S. (5/21)


"This is such a cute spot!! The decor is amazing and eclectic and the food is delicious! I did not have one item I didn't like. I tried the crab boudin egg rolls (definitely my favorite!), impossible potstickers, aromatic shrimp wontons, and both ice cream sandwiches (milk oolong and lychee). The milk oolong was my favorite between the two because it had a little chocolate crunch which elevated the sandwich. I 100% recommend trying it out. The food isn't too heavy and you can easily pick a bunch of items and share them family style in addition to the family style items they already offer." - Krystal P. (4/21)

We are excited to announce that Best Quality Daughter is G&M Approved and we look forward to years of their continued success.

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