History Engaged: Auditorium Circle (Veterans Memorial Plaza)

As part of our on going series of engaging history, we are excited to bring you the story of the Historic Auditorium Circle. Bringing the information from the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation, each of the historic areas and neighborhoods are going to be explored over the next couple of years. The Auditorium Circle Historic District consists of four buildings and a war memorial plaza located along the northern downtown stretch of the San Antonio River. The buildings include: the San Antonio Municipal Auditorium (100 Auditorium Circle), the Southwestern Bell Building (105 Auditorium Circle), the Martin Wright Building (115 Auditorium Circle), and the Havana Apartments (1015 Navarro

6 Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Seems like winter has snuck up on us and it is down-right cold all of a sudden. Just as we add a sweater and a jacket to ourselves to protect us from the elements, we need to "dress" our homes just as importantly to keep our house safe from Old Man Winter... 1. Run Ceiling Fans In Reverse - This is a super easy item to both do and to forget to do...Most ceiling fans have a small switch which allows the direction of the fan to run opposite of what we use during warm months. Counterclockwise rotation produces cooling breezes, while switching to clockwise makes it warmer. Air pooled near the ceiling is circulated back into the living space—cutting your heating costs as much as 10 percent! 2.

8 Important Tips For Staging Your Kitchen

It matters not if you are selling your home or are looking for some simple ideas to make your kitchen more livable, the time to tidy up and stage your kitchen is right now. Nothing is more comfortable to cook in than a well organized kitchen makes a world of difference. When potential buyers come to your home to consider it for themselves the kitchen is one of the most influential aspects of any home. Consider these 8 tips for your home and even if you are not in the market to sell, it will make it a much more pleasing experience for you as a homeowner... 1. Organize Your Pantry - We are all guilty of having that ziplock bag of mustard packages and those tiny jellies. It is time to pare




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