Saving Tips For Your Next Home

Before 2007, banks would normally hand out 100% loans to homeowners. Sure, many people became homeowners but they were driven from their homes by the recession that occurred. When the recession hit, home prices fell, mortgage resources dried up and thousands of people owed more to the bank than their house was worth. No option to short sell then. So there was massive foreclosure. Banks have learnt their lesson. These days, most banks will insist that you have a deposit worth at least 10% of the value of the property you want to buy. So, if you’re buying a $200,000 house, you have to put down at least $20,000. Now, the case is that the higher you can pay, the better the deal you get. If you p

Why Choose A Realtor Who Specializes?

What can specialized agents offer you? Cookie Boyd, ABR, E-PRO became an agent with John Naples REALTORS in Naples, Fla after he overheard a clubhouse conversation. He overheard a man with meager golfing ability complaining of the golf course near his home. It was too difficult for his skill level. The man was a golf enthusiast but he was getting frustrated by the difficulty to net holes. It's absurd for anyone who isn't a golf lover but it's a difficulty for passionate golfers. Now John R. Wood specializes in finding buyers homes on golf courses that match their skill level. “Do you want to live on a golf course where you are always frustrated” is the question he asks. Obviously not. “

Top 5 Residential Sales Inside410 Q4-2017

Quarterly we search and discover the most notable sales #Inside410… Number 5 Neighborhood: Terrell Hills Sales Price: $1,375,000 Price Per Square Foot: $260.07 Total Square Feet: 5,287 Lot Size: 0.57 Acre Year Built: 1985 304 Geneseo Rd. Number 4 Neighborhood: Terrell Hills Sales Price: $1,450,000 Price Per Square Foot: $318.89 Total Square Feet: 4,547 Lot Size: 0.38 Acre Year Built: 2016 1016 Garraty Rd. Number 3 Neighborhood: Alamo Heights Sales Price: $1,500,000 Price Per Square Foot: $336.09 Total Square Feet: 4,463 Lot Size: 0.45 Acre Year Built: 1939 316 College Blvd. Number 2 Neighborhood: Olmos Park Sales Price: $1,670,000 Price Per Square Foot: $397.99 Total Squ




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