Bring That Thanksgiving Feeling Home

So, thanksgiving is just some days away and you’re looking at making your home welcoming, charming and reveling in the euphoria of thanksgiving, well, this is the article you have been looking for. After reading this post, I’m sure this thanksgiving would be the best you have celebrated in a long while. Guess, you can’t wait to impress the heck out of your visitors by making a statement with the charming designs in your home? Well, it’s simple. Let’s help make your home comfy and welcoming that even Martha Stewart would be happy to be invited over for thanksgiving. Take Advantage Of Thanksgiving Banners For people who want to make their home appealing for thanks giving, taking advantage of t

Sotheby's Collections Vol. 3/2017

A few times a year we receive an e-newsletter with "News & Information on the global real estate market from Sotheby's International Realty Professionals Worldwide." This is a great resource to see review both for us as real estate professionals and to share with our clients and friends. It is a wonderful example of the global reach our affiliation with this superior brand offers. We are sincerely proud to be a part of the incredible network of professionals. To read the newsletter, simply click here... When the time is right that you may find yourself in the need for professional real estate services, give Gina Candelario a call at 210.744.8265 or Michael Berger at 210.828.4000. #kupersot

Top Things To Do To Winterize Your Home

With winter just around the corner it is of great importance that you prepare your San Antonio home for the cold months so you can remain warm and cozy all through winter and of course, save yourself some extra cash! And guess what? You don’t need to wait until its winter before getting started when you can just start winterizing your home now and then be at peace when winter finally rolls in! Are you in a fix as to how to get started? No worries! Continue reading to discover the necessary steps involved in the winterizing process. Get Rid Of Dead Tree Limbs Here is an important chore you shouldn’t overlook while winterizing your home. Dead trees with overhanging branches that are liable to




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