If you've ever wanted to raise your family in a large city that's both peaceful and friendly, then San Antonio is the best place for you. It's interesting how many people mistake this city for a town. The weather is terrific, and it never gets so cold even in winter. San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States, and facts show that the population is continually increasing. You'll love the delicious Tex-Mex cuisines, the parks, and fiestas. It enjoys a rich culture and has many breathtaking historical sites. Like in other cities like New York and San Francisco, you stand the chance of enjoying many benefits of urban living while living in San Antonio. Some of these include: Pu

How Beat A Cash Buyer

You only have your word and some documents and are competing with someone who has all cash to offer? How do you win? Is this winnable? Yes, it is. It's as simple as topping the offer of the all-cash buyer. All cash home buyers paid 23 percent less for single family homes and condos during the first quarter of 2016, according to Realtytrac. Unless the seller has to meet up with some time contingency, he’ll rather sell to you because you will pay more. Cash is king. "It is easier and quicker. But most sellers, especially since the average homeowner doesn’t have a ton of equity to play with, won’t mind waiting an extra couple of weeks for the loan to be processed, if it means they get any more



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